Can we really say that we are happy? Statistics say otherwise. According to the Center for Disease Control
and Prevention, the suicide rate for people age 10 to 19 has increased 70 percent in the
last 10 years alone. So we’re not happy. People who are sad want to be happy. And they know that those who are the happiest
seem to be happy even through impossible circumstances. Looking at this maze in which we live in today,
it seems that we’re sad. We are robotic and depressed. We seem hopeless. We feel like we have been created without
purpose. We hurt ourselves. Our society is bipolar. Our self esteem seems to be linked to our
digital selves. Our lack of real loving relationships takes
us even further from ourselves. It’s all a big wakeup call. Maybe there’s another voice to listen to. Maybe there’s something more. At least, I think there is. What about you?