Hi! My name is Djurdja and I’ve always loved playing PvP, strategy,
and card collectible games and I fell in love with Heroic
as soon as I started playing it. The love for this game brought me where I am today
and that’s Community Management on this game, so I’m here to share some exclusive, insider tips
on how to build an invincible deck. My two favorite heroes are Ruul and Noëlla although I’m playing more with Ruul at
the moment because of his great offensive spells like Meteor Strike or Scorched Earth. My selection of Minions includes Rolling Rocks
that are great for lane push. They’re also good at blocking enemy single hit damage. So are Undead Horde – they counter very well single target enemies for only three mana. To fend off swarm units in the early game
I use Blade Dancer. She has sweet double attacks and can easily remove Valen’s Holy Shield, and destroy swarm units. Another solid counter for swarm units is
Fire Imp. And a strong defensive Minion
against ranged units is Reflector. He’s strong against Silver Ranger and Amazon
because he even reflects splash damage. Next in line are two utility Minions
that both have splash damage and those are Fearless Leader and Executioner. Fearless Leader is amazing because he buffs
movement speed and attack of my Minions in the lane while Executioner can pull and group
enemy minions in one lane, which allows me to easily take them out
with Meteor Strike or Hellfiend’s special damage Of course I have a couple of
ranged units in my deck. The first one is Silver Ranger – the
archer with the biggest range. The second one is Amazon with a slightly smaller range
but she deals splash damage. That’s super useful especially in the late game. Now my all-time favorite are Elite Archers. They cost only six mana and give
you an awesome lane pressure as they spawn in all three lanes. Now onto the Legendaries!
One of the coolest for me is Hellfiend. He can spawn anywhere on the lane,
he deals instant damage, and is quite strong in damage and health. So I use him both defensively and offensively –
to clear out the lane from many units or just to finish off enemy Portal
by spawning him right next to it. Last but not least is Fire Witch. She’s quite squishy but if you place her properly
you can really turn the game around. So one of the things I do to protect her is,
I cast swarm units like Rolling Rocks right in front of her as soon as she spawns,
so she can channel and they block incoming damage. My name is Djurdja and
thanks for watching What’s in my Deck guys! Do you think you can counter it?
Let us know in the comments below.