-I need to borrow a phone.
-A phone? I need someone’s phone.
This one? OK. Alright. So, I want you to stand… right here. OK, perfect. Neymar, come with me. And you stand right here. So, I want you to hold it,
so we go to video. OK. You’re going to hold it, and…
Sorry, what’s your name? -David.
-Dávi? -David.
-David. OK. David, in a moment,
I’m going to ask you to close your eyes. Not yet, but… Not yet. You’re going to close your eyes
and then you’ll feel a touch on your body. -OK.
-OK? Not yet. But when you do feel something,
don’t react. Just remember where you felt it, OK? OK. David, close your eyes for me now.
I’m going to feel for your energy. OK, now zoom in on his face. OK. OK, David, open your eyes. Did you feel a touch? -Did you feel him touching you?
-Yeah? Where? Where? No, no. Stop it! I am recording and he says:
“Zoom in.” I zoomed in on his face
and he started doing this on the phone… On his nose. He told me to zoom
and kept touching his nose on the phone. Goddamnit! You can see it here,
he will laugh. Check it out, at the end. He says: “Zoom in.”
And I zoomed in. And then he starts touching the nose
and he starts laughing. You see? Amazing! I felt someone in front of me doing this. Subtitled by VSI