– oh dude love it oh you just got that all over the
furniture you guys what is up everybody welcome back to the channel really
excited for today’s video because we are bringing back a series called off the
record what is he gonna pop up hi guys okay
as most of you know everyone’s at this channel we break or set world records
yes very good Caleb there were a lot of my favorite videos we feature a lot of
amazing people but something we used to do was a series called off the record
where the first ones every month we would lay out little challenges or world
records within this little community for you guys to try for you guys to get off
your computer off your phone and go out and try these these little challenges
you film them you send them to us or post them on social media and you could
win prizes so you’re telling me that we set a world record and if they break it
they can win a prize yes mr. cheesy it’s for only two payments of
1995 but the prizes for this month’s series is a an action camera Josh Horton
Pro Series juggling balls from jungle warehouse calm and and I’ll subscribe to
your channel Wow Caleb will subscribe to you that’s probably the biggest deal of
the three and even if you don’t win the best videos will be featured in next
month’s episode so a lot of you will be featured right here on this channel if
you submit your videos it’s a lot of fun but a lot of you oh gee fans know about
this series and have submitted videos in the past so I’m sure you’re excited if
you’re new here I hope to see videos from you guys let’s get into the three
challenges for today they have to break Morrigan yeah ain’t gonna happen
here we go record rolling background action
and quite on set action record number one involves whipped cream I don’t know
if you guys have seen this trick we did it on the channel
a long time ago but all you need is little can of whipped cream you put a
little bit on your hand like this just a little dabble little dabble you slap
your hand flinging the whipped cream into the air and you catch it in your
mouth like so I need to practice err quick okay
okay so the record is gonna be most consecutive whipped cream flicks and
catches in the mouth Caleb I have done this before as you clearly saw with my
first attempt but I’m excited to see your very first attempt ever have a
moment I want to let you a tip the record first that’s so sweet
I think what happened the first time is it helps if you’re pro tip if your hand
is a little wet the first time so I think that’s why it’s stuck so good luck
on this first one that was also pretty big dabble yeah that’s exactly gonna
happen so it’s hit there yep oh oh so good okay one two three bruise on my arms oh oh oh that does count five oh I don’t think that counts
five is the record to beat let’s see like a new better okay I need to beat
five I’m gonna be Caleb what not in your Honda do ya I’m
confident because you’re not getting enough height you’re getting really
crazy hey hey oh oh the counts floor how does that count disgusting no that doesn’t count it
counts you got it right I’m gonna go with it now on that okay I’m excited to
see your guys accomplishments but also send us your failures I can see you soon
yeah um I think it’s tough okay I’m gonna washed up and then it’s time
record number two Caleb tell them about record number two record
numero dos number two for my spanish-speaking followers is you have
to blow a ping-pong ball across cans how many cans you can go would be the record
but didn’t make sense why can’t I speak just watching that’s that’s how it’s done Oh three Oh watch it 903 is your record okay
let’s try here but we both get three drops phase-out is your one oh my gosh
step four four let’s guess it’s new records at four all four okay my turn
ready for me that’s a zero okay so bridge record you can you can kind of do
Caleb on that forw is all on one one kind of motion right yeah
or you can go one can of time in it as accepted it’s just whoever’s gonna get
across the most cans I don’t know if I’m build before for it’s pretty tough
let’s see four four okay next one here just in case six makes his name record
record number three for this one you’re gonna set two cups three feet apart
three feet apart exactly great as long one ping-pong ball one friend
two cups or acquaintance if you have a friend that’s great
you’re soon defeated because you’re mean to me I’ve never done anything mean to
you ever in the history of this channel and also your your father’s don’t like
me everyone loves Caleb guys thumbs up if you like Caleb I really knew banished
anyway three feet apart one friend you have to bounce a ping-pong ball into
this column it’s most consecutive bounce trick shots and no cop teamwork teamwork
cash here we go fist bump like that looks I get to keep
no you don’t have to do that Oh Maxie right now it seems dumb boom have
your evidence when you cool why one you know it is cuz it’s wet
one two don’t act so excited like it’s cool we got this 300k record right now
it’s three I’m gonna do better let’s let’s try get five we can do that we can
do ten one one touchdown one two three
come on new record right here five five is good but I think we’re gonna be six
here you go trying to get six here we go you guys are good I’ve seen your skills
before we need to make these records hard to beat two hours later oh why are we not getting back this one we’re waiting for a very special guest
to teaser for Saturday’s video you’re gonna be doing a three basketball
challenge those three yeah maybe oh yeah we should talk about other things with
an NBA player who makes buckets dance Josh fucking so make sure you subscribe
you got it yet so you don’t miss out on Saturday’s video it’s gonna be a good
one so the record to beat is fun so grab a
friend grab a parents grab your well-trained dog and try to beat grab
someone who’s gonna take you seriously and try to make it we got the four and
then the record beating spot here is how you submit your guys videos for the
contest option number one is you post them on your Instagram or your Twitter
with hashtag cash off the record to make sure you if you’re submitting that your
account is public if you have private account and use the hashtag we don’t see
those videos so make sure your accounts public we are going to look to Instagram
and Twitter first so if you really want to be featured wanna increase your
chances of winning and then MySpace and LinkedIn and in your Instagram or
Twitter tag both of us as well and the other option if you don’t have social
media I know a lot of you don’t have Instagram you can email us world record
Wednesdays at gmail.com and we will select one of you guys to win the
private one of you who beats us you don’t need to be the number one winner
but just 1% submits a video will win the prize back and then we will feature all
of you and give a special shout out the people that break these three refuse and
good luck to everyone I am excited to see your entries it’s always really fun
for me to look at through those if you haven’t seen us yet so you’re gonna see
some of the faces of our fans I’m looking forward to it some big news
coming up we are filming with an NBA player today so that video will be out
on Saturday so subscribe you haven’t yet and that video will be I am doing a
video with him which will be released on Friday okay so be ready for that also
today Cathy and I move into our new house your home’s got a house
congratulations miss got moving no okay we’ll be doing more videos from there
student would this have been my parents house in Malibu while we were
transitioning from Texas so moving in the new house let me know in the
comments if you want to see a house tour video and see guys later bye
I was born and raised in the woods by wolves