Huntress Wizard is initially shown as laid-back,
and appears to have a sarcastic and insolent approach to things. It was later shown in “Flute Spell” that she
is one of a single-minded focus, only being able to see what is in front of her. She has a fear of becoming soft, so strong
that it led her to the madness and sadness which comes with wizardry. Because she clings onto her beliefs, she feels
that she can’t be with Finn despite her feelings for him. Huntress Wizard first met Finn in “Flute Spell,”
where she had came across him playing his flute while nude in a river. At the end of the episode, Finn revealed that
he had been playing his flute for her, and in turn she revealed that she had been playing
her flute for him. The two kissed each other, but she pulled
away, stating that ‘exceptional beasts’ such as themselves are not meant to be together. Later, in an episode titled “Wheels,” when
Finn played his flute in a skate park, she looked at him from behind a bush, which might
indicate she still holds an interest in Finn and his flute playing. However, in the episode “The Wild Hunt,” Huntress
Wizard helps Finn by putting herself in danger to help him overcome his mental blockade. After that, Huntress Wizard flirts with Finn
by saying “We both know you’re totally in love with me.” She then accepts another kiss from Finn. In “Seventeen ,” Huntress Wizard attends Finn’s
birthday party and gives him an elk’s heart in a box as a present, which could possibly
be read as a token of affection. She helps fend off an attack by Fern and Gumbald
, and offers Finn help by telling him to eat the heart to gain strength, though this only
winds up making him sick. The following theory comes from reddit user
missingnocchi Flute Spell has become one of my favorite
episodes since it aired, and in my repeated viewings, I’ve come to understand some of
the Spirit of the Forest’s mystical ramblings. I actually have a whole lot of ideas about
him, but the most solid one pertains to his relationship with Huntress Wizard and why
it all went so wrong. When he’s summoned, he claims that the force
that drew them apart was HW’s embracing of “magic city livin’.” The wording here is pretty important: He doesn’t
say “Wizard City living,” and that’s a detail the writers of the show would not have overlooked. It’s not about where she was specifically,
and it’s not just about city vs. nature. It’s important to him that the kind of city
livin’ she was getting up to was the magic kind. So HW’s use of magic was a factor in their
separation. This is corroborated by the fact that while
the Spirit believes their drifting apart was the reason for her not being able to see him,
her being able to see him again is not sufficient reason for them to get back together. There’s a hard distinction between what brought
them together before and what brought them together now. That distinction? Magic. Rather than naturally coming into harmony
with the Spirit through the “ascetic lifestyle” she was supposed to be teaching Finn, she
used magic to usurp the natural order. When she says she’s ready to come back, the
Spirit asks her “are you really?” because while she has given up city life, she has
yet to give up the “mad and sad” life of a wizard. It’s notable that the Spirit lowers his head
sadly when she brings this up. The conclusion I’ve clumsily avoided saying
outright this whole time is that HW was not HW when she met the Spirit – she was just
regular old H. Something happened during their relationship that terrified her enough to
learn wizardry, and I think we’ll find out what before the series ends. This all hints at HW giving up wizardry in
the future. It’s set up in Flute Spell as the main symptom
of basically all of her problems in a way that eerily parallels Ice King. Losing a love to Wizardry, trying and failing
to get that love back. The only time Simon comes anywhere near reaching
this goal is when he loses his powers. For Finn and HW to work, that’s what’s going
to have to happen.