Here! Hi everyone, it’s Rin Asobi! Today, we’re going to do some trick art questions Do them with me Okay, so let’s go! Question number one Find the circle, or circles Ummmmmm They’re all rectangles…? Eh? Mmmm Eh? Oh? Circle? Let’s look at the big picture There’s 16 circles? Really? Then each one of those thingies
are circles somehow? Answer~ Back back back back I see it now! Oooh okay, this is hard but I’m I.. I think I’m gonna get the hang of it Number two What can you see in this picture? So there is a lot of black…blots and there’s a picture hidden inside it Hmm AAAAH Mm? That’s the girl On the left and then the bottom are the
heels and then the guys right there and and then the thingy and then the
chow chow chow…okay No! I got it wrong! I thought that was, okay…. Eeeeeeeh Kay, so that’s the girl and that’s the guy Uhmmm go back Ahahahaha [sad sounds] Okay… Number three In the middle, it looks like there’s a rocket,
but that’s not the answer I got it! It’s two faces Ne, like This and this Hai Yeah! See! Now let’s go back and look at the original Yay! Question number four There’s a picture of a horse But, there’s something else hidden in it Mmmmm Ah! I got it! See? The eyes…no There’s a foot under the ear And then the nose is the face Okay, let’s go Yeah!! Let’s go back and look at the original See? Yay! Number five What is hidden in this picture? So if you look at it, there’s a lot of black lines and it looks like a design but it says it’s not that easy It just looks like a really cool design to me The hint is three letters Three letters? Huh? W…VY N…. [laughs] V,Y,N okay! Answer Eh? There’s no way that said EYE Okay, let’s go back Eh? Umm answer again please Eye… Okay… And then back please Answer please? [laughs] [struggles] [laughs] Back please I see the lines Whoa! AHAHAHA YES! Yes, I saw it! Whoa Whoa I see it! Wow! Yay! Question number six! Look for the animals! So there are five animals in this picture Where are they? [lip rolls] Ooh! On the right bottom It’s upside down And Right top left corner is Yeah Nnnto Bottom, I mean no no Center…left The top left looks like it could be a But… Not really… Ope! Right there And… Uhhh oh! Mmmm Yeah, I’m gonna answer The left right uh…huh? The left top? Is an anteater [laughs] Okay! Answer please! What? I’m wrong? Wait! That is not a bunny! That’s a panda! Wait what? Wait, I can’t see the panda anymore.
Where’s the panda? Huh wait! Can you go, let’s go back! Mhmmm See penguin and penguin Where’s the kitty? Ohhhh that’s the kitty! Okay Last question! There’s a boy holding a string Which balloon is connected to that string? Uh do do String…up Right? It has to be green Right? I feel like this is a trick question Uhmmmm Nananananana It’s the green! Is it the red? [gasp] Red No, it’s the yellow No, it’s the green It’s the, it’s the blue [giggles] It! Okay, wait. Final answer. Hai. Ho? AHAHAHAHA I didn’t even consider that The yellow? Really? Eh really? Yellow? Let’s look back again at the original
just in case Ohhhh Hehehehehe That’s it for today! How many did you guys get correct? I have one last question for you guys If you want to know the answer, look up If you like my video,
please like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys again next time Bye bye!