Oh… yes. Thank you Casey for hosting this month’s meeting. Huh? Oh yeah. I don’t know why we didn’t have the meeting
at my place. I’m a great cook. Well we can never find your home. The directions are simplicity itself. Follow the sound of the blue jay on a summer’s
eve. When the moon crests the northern hills where
the moss grows and the crickets sing you shall find your way. It’s not the directions it’s because it’s
invisible. Hello? Is this thing on? Am I getting through? Yes. First on the agenda, the trolls are encroaching
in the lowlands. Ugh, the trolls, they’re always encroaching
on something. I think they’re just bored. We should drive them back from whence they
came. That’s what we did last time. Let’s come back to it. Next, the goblins are requesting our magical
assistance due to lack of workers. Outrageous! Our powers are not meant for such things! A wizard works precisely when he means to! Mmm. I’ve got it! Have the goblins hire the trolls. The goblins get workers-
The trolls get something to do. Two birds, one stone, lowers unemployment
in the kingdom. It’s brilliant! Hmm, what do you think Casey? Huh? Oh yeah. That’s done with. What else? And finally, the most pressing matter on the
agenda. The Queen is throwing a banquet for us, for
yet again saving the kingdom. How on earth are we going to get out of going? Not another one. I’ve barely recovered from the last one. Everybody kept stepping on my feet. Well… Don’t say it! I know! I’m invisible. We’ll tell her we’re sick! All of us? We’re on a quest then! Ahh yes, a quest! It’s perfect! I’ll call her. Her majesty cannot come to the phone at this
time. Please leave a mes- No Jeeves, let me do it get outta here, go
clean something! Heeey! It’s me! You know what to do, leave me a message, or
I’ll execute you! OH HO HO HO. Just kidding. Or am I? OH HO HO HO HO. BEEP Hello, your majesty it’s the wizard council. We’re deeply honored by your invitation to
the banquet. It is with deepest regret however that we
must decline. Dark forces in the east have garnered our
attention. This is a matter of urgency. At nightfall we will be embarking on a quest
to vanquish these forces. … For the good of the kingdom. And we will be unable to attend. We thank you for your wisdom and understanding. Well done. Excellent! Haha! You’re coming Or you’re banished. It’s so good of you to come! OH HO HO HO HO HO HO! Are you wearing pants?! Maybe… Put you’re phone down and join the family! Join the family!