Hi girls and boys! I’m Ms. Booksy and it’s time for Story Time here at Cool School! We just finished reading Chapter 3 of the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow meet the Tin Woodman! Let’s see what happens next! The Wizard of Oz, Chapter 4, let’s go! Hey look! Four hundred and seventy five schmiles to Emerald City! I think they mean miles… No, distance is measured in schmiles in Oz. How long are they? I don’t know! Neither do I. But maybe that’s because we don’t have brains! You don’t have a brain either?? Nope! I used to have both, and believe me, the heart is more important. Why is that? The heart is the way to love, love is happiness, and happiness is the best thing in the world! How did you lose your heart in the first place? It’s a long story. We like stories!! Okay! I was a woodchopper, chopping trees and selling the wood for a living. Then I met a girl and we fell in love. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I was so happy! DOROTHY: Yay! What a happy ending! There’s more. She lived with a selfish old woman who didn’t want her to get married. She wanted the girl to stay and work for her forever. The woman went to the Wicked Witch and paid her to curse me. DOROTHY: What did the Witch do? She took my leg! How was I supposed to work standing on just one leg? SCARECROW: Oh my! I went to a tinsmith who made me a new leg made of tin. The old woman was very mad. She paid for another curse, and this time I lost my other leg. So the tinsmith built me another leg of tin. DOROTHY: Then what happened? Next the witch cursed my arms and my head and all of me until I was just a man made of tin. But the girl still loved me, and I loved her, Then the Wicked Witch did the worst thing she could possibly do. DOROTHY & SCARECROW: What?? She cursed my heart. The tinsmith didn’t know how to make a new heart for me. And without a heart, I couldn’t feel love. I’ve been sad and lonely ever since. What a sad story! I think… Maybe if I had a brain, I’d have understood it better! We’ll get you your heart! The Wizard is wise and good and he’ll help all of us. I just know it! MS. BOOKSY: The gang continued toward the City of Emeralds, saddened by the Tin Woodman’s story. But soon sadness gave way to scaredness. These woods are kind of scary. I wonder how many more schmiles until we’re out of here? We’re safe. I have my oil can, the Scarecrow can’t feel anything, and you have the mark of the Good Witch and the magic slippers. But Toto, what’s protecting him? We are! [growl]
Ah! We are?? [Toto barks] [growls] Ooow! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, biting a poor little dog! I didn’t bite him! No, but you tried to! You’re nothing but a great big coward! I know! I’m sorry. Going after a scarecrow, a tin man, and tiny dog! Scarecrow? That sounds scary! See? I’m the most cowardly coward who ever lived! It’s okay to be scared sometimes, but you can’t go around picking on smaller things just so you can feel brave! Where did you get your courage? I don’t know. I guess I’m just naturally tough. I wish I was tough! I’ve always been afraid of everything! Bears, spiders, kittens, Kittens?? Who’s afraid of kittens? Mice are! But I’m afraid of Mice too! Oy vey. Let’s go, guys. Wait, you’re just gonna leave me here? Out in these scary woods all by myself?? Let me come with you! I’ll protect you! Oh, you will, will you? I’m really sorry I scared you. It was a silly ol’ thing to do, I know. I just wanted to look fearless. Please tell Toto I’m sorry, too! Wait. We’re going to see the Wizard of Oz. I’m going to get a brain! And I’m getting a heart! Maybe the Wizard could give you courage! Is the Wizard very scary? Wait, nevermind. I don’t even care. I’ll go ask the Wizard of Oz for courage! See? You’re already a little braver! What are you asking the Wizard for? I just want to go home to Kansas. Is Kansas a scary place? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know. Then let’s go find that Wizard! Hey kids! If you missed parts 1, 2, or 3, don’t worry! They’re coming up next! Hi kids! I’m Ms. Booksy at Cool School, but you already knew that! I’m so, SO excited because today we are starting one of my all-time favorite stories… the Wizard of Oz —Cool School style, of course!! We’re going to do this one in chapters because there is just so much story to tell! So without further ado, let’s ado this! The Wizard of Oz, Chapter 1! Once upon a time there was a girl named Dorothy. Hi! I lived in place called Kansas with my aunt and uncle. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em! Hello! We lived on the prairie, which is a great big piece of land that stretches for miles and miles and miles and is very flat. So flat and empty that you could stand in your front yard and see all around you… Oh look, there’s Farmer Ted. Hey Farmer Ted! He can’t hear me, of course. He’s way too far away! What? Life on our farm was very hard. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry worked so hard that they never even had time to smile! In fact, when I was little, Aunt Em had completely forgotten what happiness sounded like —so whenever I laughed she would do this. Oh! Heavens to Betsy! You startled me! Everything at our house looked sad. The hot sun had baked everything until the land and all the buildings and even the people looked dried out and gray. Yeah, like that! Just like an old black-and-white movie! The only thing that made me happy was my little dog Toto! Hi, Toto! Who’s a good boy? Is it you? Is it you? Sorry…but come on! Look how cute he is! Okay, on with the story! Here’s where things get exciting! So one day Toto and I were playing fetch the stick (that’s literally the only toy either of us had, but we made the best of it) when we heard a crazy loud sound. It sounded like a train! I know because I rode on a train once, all the way to Oklahoma! Anyway, the sound was getting louder and louder! Toto! We have to hide! I think a freight train is coming right at us or something… Wait, but there aren’t any tracks here…how the heck… [mooing] Aaah! A flying cow! Dorothyyyy! A cyclone’s coming! Cyclone!! Oh no! Cyclones are super scary! You know what a cyclone is, right? Tornado, twister, dust devil! Yeah, THAT! Toto, the house is totally flying!!! Oh my! This is even more exciting than the train ride! I wonder when we’re gonna land…or WHERE we’re gonna land… Toto! I think we’ve landed! [barks] I hope we’re not toooo far from home. I wouldn’t know the first thing about moving a house back to its yard! Wow! Okay, we’re definitely very far from home…I bet we’re even farther than Oklahoma! [giggling] What’s that? A kitty cat? [giggling] Hey! Who are you? He’s a munchkin and he’s very grateful to you, noble Sorceress. Grateful to me? Why? Because you squished the Wicked Witch of the East! What? Me? No way! I wouldn’t even squish a fly. Ask Toto! TOTO: [barks] But you did squish her. Or your house did anyway. Look! But I didn’t do that on purpose! I promise! Don’t worry, we’re happy she’s gone! She was a very wicked witch who ruled over the munchkins for hundreds of years! Really? Yes! She was wicked! She was awful! She was the worst! Are you a munchkin? No, dear, I’m the Witch of the North! A-a witch??? But you seem nice…I thought all witches were wicked? I’m a good witch. Unfortunately, a good witch’s powers are never as strong as the wicked ones’. But now there is only one wicked witch left! AH!
Where??? Not here, sillies. The last wicked witch rules over the West. She’s even more wicked than her sister! Hey, she’s gone! Did she come back to life?? Oh no, zombie witches must be the absolute worst! No, no, see when a witch is defeated she disappears! Poof! Like magic! MUNCHKINS: Yay!! The munchkins love magic. Oh yeah? Well, check this out! AH! I’m sorry! It was only a trick! I thought you liked magic tricks? Magic’s supposed to be nice! That was scary! Sheesh! Tough crowd… I probably ought to get back to Kansas… Are you the Good Witch of Kansas? Me?? No! There are no witches in Kansas! But you did fly here! Oh no, that was my house! My house did the flying. But I can’t fly. I promise I’m not a witch! So anyway, how do I get back? Is there a train or somethin’? Nope! I guess you’ll just have to stay! Yay! You can be our queen! All hail the queen, Queen…what’s your name? Dorothy All hail Queen Dorothy! Hooray!
Hurrah! Hey kids! Welcome back to Story Time at Cool School! I’m Ms. Booksy and today we’re reading Chapter 2 of the Wizard of Oz! At the end of chapter 1, Dorothy had just landed in Oz and became Queen of the Munchkins! Let’s see what happens next! The Wizard of Oz, chapter 2. Let’s go! MS. BOOKSY: The munchkins cheered and celebrated their new queen. All hail the Queen Dorothy! Our Queen! MS. BOOKSY: But Dorothy didn’t want to be queen. She just wanted to go home. I don’t want to live in…wait, what’s this place called? Oz, dear. You’re in the land of Oz. Why are you sad? Your house is right here. Yes, but it’s not in its right place. And I’m sure Uncle Henry and Aunt Em must be so confused. They’ve never had their whole house just disappear like this! Let us cheer you up! Quick! Someone tell a joke! Why didn’t the Wicked Witch of the East cross the road? Why? Because you squished her with your house! Ha ha ha! Wait? Too soon? Okay, that’s pretty good. But how about this one? I just flew in from Kansas, and boy is my house tired! Okaaay, anyway, we were talking about how I might get home? You can’t go to the South. It’s a great big desert where no one could survive. Except for the Quadlings. But they eat sand and drink sunshine. Weird, next! And you can’t go East because there are big mountains with giant birds and whopbangs! Don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary. Next! And you could tryyyy to go West, but that’s where the other Wicked Witch lives and she’s seriously wicked. No thanks!! Guys, what am I going to do?? Well, you could go center. Go center? Yes, go straight to the center of Oz, to the City of Emeralds. That’s where the wizard lives. He can help you get home! The wizard? Is he wicked? Oh not all! He’s very wise! Well, how do I get to the center? To get to the City of Emeralds, one must follow the road of yellow bricks! The road of yellow bricks? That road right there! Will it be dangerous? I will bless you with as much good magic as I can. But you must be careful. Good luck Dorothy! I’m too tired and hungry to start my journey now. May I stay a night here, Munchkins? Of course you can, Queen Dorothy! MS. BOOKSY: The munchkins were so excited to have Dorothy stay with them even if it were only for one night. They prepared a feast of beautiful fruits that Dorothy had never seen and lots of tiny cakes filled with candy and ice cream! Deeeelicious! We want you to have these Queen Dorothy! Me? Really?? Well, you ARE the one who defeated the Wicked Witch… and they’re also way too big for our Munchkin feet! They’re really beautiful… And legend says they’re magic. Maybe they’ll protect you on your journey to the Emerald City. Well, they aaare super comfy, and they dooo match my dress…ok, I’ll take ‘em! MS. BOOKSY: The next morning, Dorothy and Toto said goodbye to the Munchkins and began their trip down the yellow brick road. They passed a farm where something odd caught Dorothy’s eye. Toto, look at that scarecrow. He almost looks like a real man, doesn’t he? Did you just wink? Maybe! Ha ha ha! You can talk! I’ve never seen a talking scarecrow. Well, how do you do, Mr. Scarecrow? Not very well. No? A lot of crows around here? It’s not that. I’m just very uncomfortable up here. I mean, I have a pole stuck in my back! But all scarecrows do. Well, trust me it’s terrible! I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Who’s that? The Munchkin who put you up there? No, the crows! Ugh, get outta here! Oh right. Well, why don’t you just get down from there? That would be amazing! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I know why. I don’t have a brain! You don’t? Nope. Nothin’ but straw between my ears! That’s too bad. I really like having a brain. At least I think I do. But it’s my brain that makes me think that. Whoa! Uh… I don’t get it… Sorry, I’ll help you down! Huzzah! So what’s your name? Oh how impolite of me! I’m Dorothy of Kansas! I’m on my way to see the Wizard of Oz! The Wizard! I bet he has brains! Yes, and he’s going to help me get back home! Hey, maybe he could give you some brains! Why didn’t I think of that? …The whole brain thing. Oh right! The brain thing! See, it’s quite a nuisance! Well, it’s settled! You’ll come with me to the Emerald City and the wizard will help me get to Kansas and he’ll give you a brain! Huzzah! MS. BOOKSY: And off they went to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Hi kids! It’s me, Ms. Booksy and this is Story Time at Cool School! Today we’re reading Chapter 3 of The Wizard of Oz! At the end of Chapter 2 Dorothy had just met a new friend, the Scarecrow, and they were off to meet the wonderful Wizard of Oz! I can’t wait to see what happens next! The Wizard of Oz, Chapter 3! There they are! Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow travelling the yellow brick road. They walked for miles and miles and finally— Phew! I’m pooped! Let’s just sit down and rest for a while. Okay! Wait, why? Because I’m tired and hungry. That means I need to eat something. I’m never hungry. And that’s a good thing because my mouth is only painted on. If I cut a hole there all my straw would fall out! Then you’d have a very funny shaped head. It’s true. Dorothy, can you tell me about Kansas? Sure! I live there with my Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and Toto, of course. It’s very quiet. Except when we have a cyclone. And everything is all gray. Not beautiful and colorful like it is here! Well, why do you want to go back if it’s so nice here? Because Kansas is my home! And there’s no place like home! Then why did you come here in the first place? I didn’t mean to. My house just landed here after a storm—long story— and then yada yada, I squished the Wicked Witch of the East, and now I have her shoes. Do you like ‘em? SCARECROW: They’re very pretty! But wait, did you say you squished the Wicked Witch of the East? Yes, but not on purpose! The munchkins were very happy. I’m their queen now! Wow! But enough about me! Tell me your story! Me? I don’t know anything! I was only made one day ago! Oh! Tell me about that! Ok! I was made by a farmer. First he made my head, and he painted on ears. Then I could hear! Next I had eyes and I could see! Then the farmer painted on a nose. I could smell corn! And crows! Yikes, crows! Luckily I couldn’t scream because I didn’t have a mouth yet, so the farmer didn’t know that I was afraid of the crows. Imagine, a scarecrow scared of crows! Not good. When the farmer finished putting me all together he stuck me up on a stick in the middle of the field. I didn’t like being left alone with all those crows so I tried to run. But it was no use. I was stuck. The crows all laughed at me, pecked my head, and ate up all the farmer’s corn right in front of me! They were so mean! Well, except for one very old crow. Just ignore those silly crows. But why aren’t they afraid of me? I’m supposed to be a SCAREcrow. They know you’re stuck up here and that you don’t know how to get down. If only you had a brain… And I decided right then that I would get a brain one day. I just didn’t know how! Then you came along! And now we’re on the way to get me a brain from the Great Oz of Emerald City! Speaking of… I’m ready to journey on! Let’s go! MS. BOOKSY: Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow set off again on the road of yellow bricks. Everything was going just fine, until… [groaning] What was that? You’re askin’ me? I don’t have a brain! I don’t really know stuff! Oh, right! [groaning]
Wait… I think I hear it again! [barks] DOROTHY: Sh! Toto! I hope it’s not a crow! [groaning] Ahhhh! Don’t chop me! I would never! [groaning] Why are you groaning? I’ve been stuck in this position for a whole year! It’s very uncomfortable! What can I do to help? Get my oil can, please. All my joints are rusted stiff! Get my neck first. Ahhh! Much better! Now my arm, please? What a relief! I thought I might be holding that forever! Feel better? A million times better! You saved my life! Dorothy saved my life too! And she squished the Wicked Witch of the East! Whoa! Are you a witch? No! Why does everyone keep asking me that? I’m just a girl from Kansas! We’re on our way to The Wizard of Oz! I’m getting a brain! And I’m hoping to get back home! Do you know The Great Oz? I’ve never met him, but hey—do you think he could give me a heart? You don’t have a heart? How sad!… I think. It IS sad. Enough to make me cry but if I cry I’ll get all stiff and rusty again! Well, you absolutely must join us on our trip! To the Wizard we go! Wait! Oil can! Good call! Now, to the Wizard we go! I can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter 5! What do YOU guys think will happen? Tell me! I love reading your comments! Oh! And your letters! You can send a letter to me, right here! And subscribe so you don’t miss Chapter 5, coming soon! See you next time, bye!