Magic can be sometimes so instantaneous
and perfect, that you can’t figure out even if it happens just before you. So be it Dynamo’s famous saree trick in
India, or Demian Aditya’s greatest death escape, Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, today we are gonna unlock the top secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks of all time. So, let’s get started. Shin Lim, the close-up card trick magician,
performed an incredible magic trick on the Ellen’s show. He asked Ellen to choose any card at random,
and Ellen choses 10 of hearts. He then gives the card to Ellen and asks her
to sign over it. And in this trick Shin Lim took the card,
folded that and asked Ellen to bite the card and keep it under her teeth. Shin Lim also signed another card with his
name and kept it under his teeth. Now, with all the magical powers, Shin Lim
changes the cards with each other and now the card Ellen signed was with Shin Lim, and
the card Shin Lim signed was with Ellen. So, do not worry, we have this trick either. For this trick, Shin Lim has two exactly same
card of Queen of spades, in his deck. One card is already signed by him and the
other is blank. After taking the card clearly inspected by
Ellen, Shin Lim places his previously signed card below the Ellen’s card in a very quick
moment from the bottom of the deck, without anyone noticing. And when he flips around the card to fold
it, Ellen’s card is now the second card from the top and Shin Lim’s signed card
is at the top of the deck. He takes that card, folds it and asks Ellen
to keep that card underneath her teeth. Now, the top card on the deck is Ellen’s
card, and the second card is the duplicate queen of spades, that again Shim Lim flips
to and with holding the top two cards together. Now he signs over the card and holding the
two cards he flips back again. Now once again the Ellen’s card is at the
top, and now he takes that card, folds it and places under his teeth. And making all that illusion of magical gestures
of insanity, he makes the cards interchanged with each other. And that is how the entire trick was performed. We have seen one of the most amazing contestant
magician, Richard Jones on Britain’s Got Talent. In his audition trick, he got a notebook that
had the names of celebrities written in it. He places the notebook in between Amanda’s
palms, and asks to quickly open any page, look at it and just throw away the notebook. And then he asks Amanda to touch his forehead
and transfer the thought, and what happens next, he finally gets the picture of the celebrity
that Amanda was thinking about, crafted on the paper. Now that was really a great piece of act,
at least we need to appreciate Richard for his incredible origami skills. And for the magic trick, here’s the secret. The notebook that Richard used, is a gimmick
book, known as Svengali notebook. This book has two different types of pages,
that is a bit long and short pages interleaved throughout the notebook. When the notebook is fanned downwards by Richard,
only the long pages of the notebook are visible that has all different names. But when Amanda used her thumb to lift the
notebook upwards, only the short pages were visible to her. And the trick lied here, all the short pages
had the same name i.e. David Beckham written over it. And that is how, the entire trick was performed. Now this trick is from the man of mystery,
Harry Houdini. In this trick Houdini takes a piece of cloth
and shows the audience that its no gimmick cloth and there are no pockets inside it. And that’s true, as it is just a simple
piece of cloth. He then makes some gestures and seems that
he got something from the air that he now places over the table covering using that
piece of cloth. He gets off the cloth, and what we find is
a fish bowl. To make this magic come alive all the secret
lies in the small table. As you can see beneath the bowl is a duplicate
table cloth, that is pulled upwards to hide it using drawstrings. Above that, the fish bowl is already placed
and covered with a table cloth that covers the entire setup, and it looks like the table
is empty and just a table cloth is put over it. Now to make the trick happen, Houdini covers
the table with the piece of the cloth that he first shows to the audience, and simply
takes off the above table cloth that hides the fish bowl. He also loosens the drawstrings that make
the table cloth below the bowl fall and make the same appearance as before. Houdini wraps the table cloth in the big piece
of cloth he first has, and keeps that away, without anyone noticing that. We all must have seen the amazing acts of
levitation, and this street levitation trick has become quite common and simple to understand. But you can never stop a magician to always
think beyond the possibilities. This act of levitation is the one next level
of levitation trick, and a quiet incredible street magic trick. So, can you guess how this trick is performed? If not, then here’s the secret. The guy at bottom is seated upon a metal plate,
that has a support rod that comes out from his sleeves, and the later part of the support
rod is disguised as a wooden stick that the above man holds and levitates in the air. But that piece of wooded stick is still connected
to the support rod and has a metal plate seating, where anyone can sit very easily, and with
creating the illusion of being levitating in the air above. Here’s the actual and complete structure
that will make it easier for you to understand. Smoothini, the magician we have most often
seen for his bar magic tricks, in this video goes on to amaze the audience with the cash
trick. Smoothini gets some one-dollar bills from
his wallet and then keeps them on Mel’s palm And with just a simple tap, he instantly changes
those one-dollar bills to 100-dollar bills. Now this is a simple trick and can be easily
figured out, if you look closely in the video. If you see in the video, Smoothini wraps around
an elastic band over the one-dollar bills, but when he places the dollar bills in Mel’s
palm, you can here see two bundles kept on her palm. And after the tap, you can see only one bundle. This makes it very much significant, that
in that moment of tap, Smoothini took away the one-dollar bills bundle. And that is how, he really amazed Mel B & Howie
with magic happening just in front of them, and still they can’t figure out. Starting with a trick of Dynamo, that he used
to amaze the people during his visit to Mumbai in India. He took a simple piece of cloth from a girl,
and using his magical powers, he transformed that piece of cloth into an Indian women’s
wear, most commonly known as Saree in India. Well that really made his introduction quite
memorable forever to the people of Mumbai. If wondering how he did it, then here’s
the secret. The girl who handed over the piece of cloth
is actually a stooge in the trick and already had that piece of cloth from one of Dynamo’s
assistants. The piece of cloth had a thin saree inside
it, as you can also make out that the cloth handed over to Dynamo is not as thin as a
simple piece of cloth. It even has some long and big stiches over
it, that can even be seen in the video. To make the magic happen, Dynamo moves behind
to a safe distance, where it becomes a bit difficult to figure out the minute details. Dynamo breaks opens the big stitches, that’s
easy to get it done and finally reveals the saree. He hides that piece of cloth behind the saree
and later into his pockets before giving it away. There’s even a lot of camera cuts involved
in the trick to make the trick short in duration, then it actually is. Also, in the later part of the video, if you
continue to watch, you can listen to the comment by the stooge girl for Dynamo’s trick. Now it’s not possible at all for any girl,
living in this part of Mumbai to have such a kind of foreign accent. Demian Aditya the greatest escape magician
on the show of America’s Got Talent, Performed the death drop act in which he was
hung above inside a wooden box with his hands cuffed and completely locked using the nails. The wooden box was hung above using the ropes
which was supported using the pulleys. The blowtorch was lit that would break the
support of the ropes and that would make the box fall over the three spikes that is strong
enough to destroy anyone inside the box. And to make the act look even more dangerous,
the spikes were set on fire. So, the trap here is, that Demian had to get
out of the box before the blowtorch breaks the support rope, and box comes crashing down
over the spikes and fire. But as we all know, Demian is an escape artist,
and he really has perfection and control over what he does. So, after the blowtorch was lit, Demian got
his handcuffs easily opened, but he didn’t have enough time to open the box, and support
rope was finally burnt and broken. But instead of the box just crashing down,
the box just hung up above, that was said to be a technical error, which created the
tense moment between the judges and the audience on the show. But suddenly, we see Demian come behind the
judges, and amaze them to a shock. If you’re thinking how he did it, then have
a look. If you look closely, behind the entire setup
you can find out a black background that is slightly visible. It is this backdrop that makes the entire
trick come alive, When the case falls and got hanged up, Demian
had a bypass from the backside of the box, that gets opened instantly, and using a ladder
he gets down behind that black background. And then through the backstage he comes behind
the judges and amazes them all.