Put money in and it`s gone But sometimes I get a problem it gets stuck and then it`s like stuck in there it gets out and sometimes i get like a drink A little yea….. a little Red me at the poker table you see it do practical magic it would be like..yes So that`s also illusion But no
it`s over here and you got both for me it`s always together 1,2, Voila Unbelievable would be if it was upside down now Badass, That`s really heavy stuff Takes it and bends it like with technique You can bend the fork like you actually feel it And here on the card you see 2 Angels Where is the Angel? yea I know that, actually
Lets start over with 1 rope thats only paper right?! only 20 Euro 1,2,3 sometimes turns into 500 I can place 1 Left 1 Right and they that travel I can imagine things that can become reality but seem a little crazy grab 1 out just sign your name across the face really big and now watch closely Relax What do you feel? That he gets thicker and thicker Some people like it more visual the card would disappear How did you do it ?
It`s impossible Look what you have you got 2 of hearts,
we simply can`t get rid of it You got the…. EH?! Open your hand, you got it ! You are tricky
Like that, that`s Magic Magic