Hi, here we have a Canon T3i
with the newest version of Magic
Lantern installed… let’s see what’s new in it. Version 2.3 of this popular hack
was released to the public… free of charge on August 13th. According to its makers it’s the
most stable release so far. Let’s see some of its most
useful tools for video
productions. The first options we find are
the White Balance tools. We can select any values between
1500K and 15000K, allowing us to make adjustments
if our images have green or
magenta casts. Like a regular camcorder, we can
also do an Auto White Balance by pointing the camera to a
white surface or white card. In the ISO sub-menu we can
expand Canon’s basic ISO
selection with new values to make more
precise adjustments to our
image. Advanced options allow us to
reach very high or low ISO’s for
special occasions. Magic Lantern has a Zebra
function while recording. This lets us to know which parts
of our image are overexposed so we can make the necessary
adjustments. The new Luma Fast mode works in
real time, much faster than
previous versions. It also lets us set what
percentage of overexposure we
want to see highlighted depending of how we
like to work. Another useful tool is the
cropmarks function while
recording… so we can shoot with our final
composition in mind. Magic Lantern also offers a
Vectorscope, Waveform, False
Color and Histogram… tools usually reserved for
professional equipment that allow us to carefully check
our exposure and color during
our productions. We can also lock our shutter
speed so it’s not changed by
mistake while shooting, keeping a constant
movement and look in our scenes. A lot of times we think we have
pressed the record button but we
haven’t… Magic Lantern makes sure this
doesn’t happen again giving us
the option of using different overlays so
we know, for sure, if we are
recording or not. The combination of the
Intervalometer, Bulb Timer and
Bulb/Focus Ramp allow us to shoot time lapses in
an infinity of situations with
great results… it’s only a matter of setting
the right combination and the
camera does the rest. This version of Magic Lantern
includes various image effects
that change the look of our video while we
shoot like you can see in these
examples. The hack also lets us
personalize a huge amount of
options like the color of the menus… the saturation, brightness and
contrast of the Live View
image… it offers many focus assist
tools… and personalized shortcuts to
make shooting easier. These are some of the tools that
Magic Lantern offers. It’s good to note that in this
model, the Canon T3i, there are
no audio tools that are available in other
models. In the video description we’ll
put a link so you can find more
information about this popular hack and
follow it’s developments and new
releases closely. In upcoming videos we’ll explain
in detail some specific tools
available in Magic Lantern.