Hey guys, you ok? My Name is Wolfgang and i’ll show a Dark Magician Post Ban List I got success on a local tournament There were 21 players A relatively small tournament but it is worth mentioning that we had many meta decks Sky Striker was cool and salamangreat was full The tournament was before ban list, i score 5/0. I developed a very interesting engine to compete against meta decks So i want to share to you cuz i’m very satisfeid And show you how to compete using a deck with 3 Normal monsters considered SLOW. Right? To start, 3 sexiest normal monster in the game. You need to run 3. ofc. 3 Magician’s rod, to search everything you need and also the deck stamina cuz its recovery effect in the grave. One Blue boy, your draw card. That’s all the monster! I’ll explain why, hold on and pay attention 3 Dark Magical Circle, Try to active that after all you did in the turn, so you can organize or next draw phases. You can combo it with Upstar Goblin 2 More Magician’s Rod. Dark Magic Inheritance normally is a problem on conventional dark magician deck When you use 2 of it. But i have a lot of spell/draw spells to be able to active this card. I want to resolve it. you will need it! One Illusion Magic, Search Dark Magician and dodge cards that target your Magician Rod or Blue like Like Effect Veiller / Impermanence or any card that target. Also dodge Skill drain. So you can resolve both effects. Normal summon ROD, effect and in chain you active Illusion magic if you have skill drain on board. One dark magic attack, to destroy Back removal Dark Magic expanded, one of the most important card into my deck. If you play Dark magician you need to protect your backrow. You will need at least 2 dark magician on field and/or grave to resolve the NICE effect. Not a problem because i use Card of Demise , so i can send My dark magician to the grave during the endphase. Also Foolish Burial This Card protects your backrow of destruction during 1 turn, also your opponent can’t respond your card’s activation and effects. Also give’s 1000 Attack to a spellcaster, so you can active this card during the damage step. Search it with Inheritage if you already have all the other cards you need to play. 1x The Eye of Timaeus (Not Searchable) Last support card before i show you the Draw Power 1x Foolish Burial. My 4th Dark magician or My magician’s rod if i already have dark magician. Nice to resolve the second effect of Dark Magic Expanded Let’s start locking your opponent from playing. 1 Terraforming + 2 Secret Village I don’t use 3 Secret Village because terraforming is a spelll in the grave, so i can resolve Dark Magic Inheritance easier Let’s show the Draw power. 3x Card of demise, Draw until you have 3 card in your hand and discard your entire hand at the endphase (Discards yours DM) You Must set cards you need to play like Circle/Pot of duallity/Spellbook them you can keep playing. 2x Pot of Duallity, i don’t use 3 because i don’t want to see 2 in my hand. 2 Spellbook of Secrets, 2 Spellbook of knowledge. You don’t need to normal summon Blue boy, you can discard it to resolve Knowledge. Or discard Secrets to resolve Knowledge 1x upstart Goblin, you can combo it with Dark Magical Circle Active circle, get what you need, then organize the first card and Draw it using upstart! Now the traps. 3x Eternal soul, its the only trap way to summon dark magician in this deck. So you need to protect it also all other backrow cards you have. That’s why Dark Magic Expanded is so important Here you have ONE BAN per turn Next 3x Summon limit, to limit your opponent summon. It’s one of the most broken cards in the meta game. Detail: the 2 summons counts even if Summon limit is facedown, so after your opponent summon twice or even more. you can active that and your opponent cannot summon anymore. 2x Solemn Strike, to me this card is better than impermance (That is in my sidedeck) This negates summon/effect and destroy so even you go second you can set it and skill drain. next turn you can break your opponent’s board cuz it’s COUNTER, harder to be negated. 1x Solemn Judgment (Self explanatory) 1x Skill Drain, Something. Now the extra Deck. 1x Beat Cop. THE STAR OF MY EXTRA DECK. It’s gives a counter to a card to proctect it of destruction. (Eternal soul normally) You must link summon it using Magician’s rod and Dark Magician. Others extra deck cards i hardly use. So pay attention to the SIDE DECK. It’s as important as the Main deck. Even more if you go 2nd. The side deck starts in a fell moment. Now 3x Twin twist against Floodgates decks. 3x Mystic mine is also OBRIGATORY when you go second. It’s a dirt card, but while we can, let’s use it. 2x Evenly Matched, BUT I’LL DEFNITLY USE 3. It’s so broken. 3x impermance (CUT to 2) 3x / 1x of the most important cards you side if you go 1st. It blocks your oponnent of special summoning from the extra deck for the rest of the turn. Even if Artifact leaves the field. Also you have the Sanctun destruction if your opponent destroys it. That’s the Deck, I hope you enjoy it. GIVES YOUR FEEDBACK BRO. Let’s use the deck we love!