What does
Green Wizard offer today at Vivatech from
TF1 Media Lab booth? We have asked by TF1 to reconstruct their news set in a virtual set,
a natural set. In order for the start-up partners and acquisitions
of the TF1 Group can pitch their activities from a virtual news room environment. What is the advantage of such an installation
today? What is the advantage and what is the difficulty
of making this implementation in a “fairly fast” way? The advantage is to make a buzz and say there
you go. Today the implementation of virtual sets is
very simple. I was going to say the little downside is
that we’re in a trade show environment, so in terms of light it’s a bit complicated. In terms of green background it’s complicated
too. But thanks to Zero Density and the quality
of its Keyer which is recognized which is recognized, I’m going to say among the best
but I think it is the best. It really allows us in “a hostile environment”
to be able to set up a virtual studio very very simply. So today you found more of a little bit the
Keyer, sub pixel strongly supported by AI as a real benefit for the quick implementation. Yes, you are right; in terms of operation,
in terms of implementation. It’s really the fact that I guess there are
a lot of people who are coming in and out on this set and we have absolutely no time
to make adjustments. We have maximum level of responsiveness when
I see only one person operating? Exactly, we only have one person to operate. There are about 26 start-ups over the two
days so there are sessions every half an hour. Different people who are dressed differently. We don’t have much room for adjustments and
it’s true that in terms of operation Johan is by himself, Giles is operating the crane
for the camera part. And it works perfectly. So the crane here. Can we say a little more about the Luma system? So Luma systems is pretty well-known in TV
production here. I think a lot of the crane in the studios
are from Luma. The advantages of the crane is in terms of
I’m going to say capture. It really gives the essence of a studio, a
virtual three-dimensional set. So it really brings very effective shooting
angles. I’m going to end with a remark about the rather
incredible side of carrying the 8PM news show as well as the 1PM show and other shows from
different environments we see every day on French television. on TF1 which has a substantial audience. So congratulations for your team and thank
you. Thank you to Zero Density, Luma, TF1 with
the innovation teams who are really up to speed and punchy. Thank you all and have a great day.