the ZTE subsidiary Nubia introduced its
gaming smartphone red magic Mars back in November with three memory options six
and 64 gigabytes 8 and 128 gigabytes and 10 and 256 gigabytes the first two are
selling for quite some time but the most powerful is only now becoming available
online the phone comes in came of color costs three thousand nine hundred
ninety-nine you on the gaming device has a six inch IPS LCD screen with 18 to 900
and two touch sensitive areas on the rim that act like shoulder buttons there is
also a 4d shock haptic feedback stereo speakers and a dual heat pipe and
convection cooling the Nubia red magic Mars has a 3800 mAh battery and Nubia
zone gaming interface called red magic UI based on Android Pi there is also an
RGB LED strip on the back for cool effects and eventually a notification
light if you’re the kind of person that puts their phone facing downwards the
price of the phone is equal to five hundred ninety dollars but we are yet to
hear the official price tag for foreign markets for now we know the six and
sixty four gigabytes unit will cost $399 and will hit the United States and
Europe on January 31st